In our Montessori classes, we incorporate the Aistear Curriculum based on the National Framework. The children are welcomed each morning by our qualified and caring staff member. At this stage of a child’s life they love to take part in activities of adult life. Our practical life area provides the link between home & crèche life. We provide practical life activities that the child have seen adults do; polishing, pouring, sweeping, making dinner etc.

Children are active learners, learning through investigating, experimenting, designing & making, exploring natural materials and above all learning through play. The purpose of the curriculum at this early stage is to support children in all aspects of their emotional, social, cognitive & physical development. Our staff encourage all our children to become confident learners in all that they do.

Parental involvement is very important to us. We involve our parents in all our activities. At the end of each day parents are given a detailed account of their child’s activities. We also invite parents into our service to get involved in the fun. Parents come in to read stories to the children. We promote quality & diversity all year round by inviting our parents of different cultures in to visit our service and talk to the children about their culture and way of life.  The children love this and so do the parents.