Toddler Room

As our Wobblers transition into our Toddler room, they are ready for their new adventure.

Our Toddler Room caters for children between the ages of 1.5 to 3.5 years and is filled with lots of fun filled activities, while implementing the Aistear Curriculum.   We incorporate an exciting play based Routine. Role play & story telling is a big part of our Toddlers lives at this stage of their development. Language and vocabulary is extended in their learning which helps children learn to play together and form friendships.


There are a wide range of planned activities and child initiated activities. Our planned activities each day ensures children experience & support development in areas of learning; personal, social, emotional, communication, language & physical development. Staff encourage turn taking throughout the day. Outdoor play is an exciting part of our day in the Toddler Room. The children go to the garden twice daily (weather permitting) the children love to explore the garden and use their gross motor skills while playing with their friends. Staff members also join in the fun.


Toilet training is a very important milestone in a toddler’s life. Toilet training takes place when the children and parents are ready. The staff have good relationships with the parents which makes it easier for both staff and parents to work together at these memorable milestones.